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Vybion is the leading developer of Intrabodies for neurodegenerative diseases, leveraging the safety and effectiveness of antibody technologies to address unmet medical needs. Vybion Intrabodies are scFv fragments that target and change the fate of intracellular events like the protein aggregation, gene dysregulation and turnover of toxic protein fragments as a disease modifying approach to therapeutics.


February 20, 2017
Intrabody Delivered with Adeno-Associated Virus Blocking Gene Dysregulation Offers Hope in Treating Huntingtonís Disease...

January 30, 2017
Press Release: Vybion Huntington's Disease Drug Patent receives Track I Status. Vybion, Inc. is pleased to announce that its patent application covering methods of use and composition for INT41 Gene Therapy received Track I status from the USPTO...

January 27, 2017
Press Release: Vybion New Drug Webinar for Huntington's Patients. Vybion (NY) conducted a webinar, sponsored by the Huntington's Disease Society of America (HSDA), for patients and caregivers on a new Gene Therapy drug called INT41. The company CEO described this new drug class called Intrabodies and how INT41 works in Huntington's Disease along with clinical development plans....

Huntingtonís Disease

The first therapeutic to emerge from PharmCode is INT41, an intrabody currently delivered with AAV for the treatment of Huntingtonís disease. INT41 is a disease modifying drug that blocks gene dysregulation and the action of toxic Huntingtin mutant protein fragments in the nucleus.